Young Arts

Marsh Award

We were excited to learn that Elizabeth  Barnikel is to be awarded the 2018 Young Arts Individual Marsh Volunteering Award by The Arts Society.

North Wilts Drumming Workshop hits the spot

North Wiltshire Young Arts sponsored drumming workshops over two days for all 200 primary school children from Studley Green.  Now encompassing activities of wider scope than ever before, our second Young Arts’ project this year proved highly successful.

As the teacher said afterwards, it was wonderful to see the children so animated and concentrated, and yet making such a tremendous noise.

Countries from around the world were studied by every class, encompassing geography, animals and legends.  The drummer then followed this up with each class in a session, with songs, dances and rhythms from the various countries, acting out stories and representing their animals.

‘Awesome’ was the word lots of children used to describe the event.  One boy said ‘It was so loud, but it was nice to make a loud noise’.  A lovely remark from a boy in Year 1: ‘I liked it because it made my heart laugh, my head has laughed before,  but not my heart’.


North Wilts membership supports art projects in local schools.

We have set up a project involving local primary schools in making a mosaic for the new Springfield Campus in Corsham. We have been liaising with Wiltshire Area Board, managers of the Campus and the local schools.  The artist has produced some exciting new designs and work has started on producing the mosaics in the local primary schools. The early stages of the work were displayed at the official opening of the Springfield Campus in February 2017.  The completed project is now on display together with the children’s artwork.

Other projects include a mosaic produced in Bowerhill in 2014 and another in Seend School in 2015.

This was a talk on paper conservation and paper restoration given to The Corsham School.  It was organised through Young Arts and Right Angle Picture Frames in Corsham.

Jenny Gilks writes about her role as Wessex Young Arts Area Coordinator



‘Five years ago, I was asked to take on the job of being the Wessex Young Arts Area Coordinator (YAAC).  Having a background in art education both in schools and in museums and galleries, I felt that this was something I’d like to have a go at, not realising at the time how interesting and engaging the job would prove to be.

Wessex is a large NADFAS Area that includes Bath, Wiltshire, Dorset and parts of Somerset.  My first official NADFAS visit took me south to Salisbury Cathedral to hear a choir concert sponsored by Sarum DFAS and featuring choirs from local primary schools.  It was a memorable experience made possible by NADFAS support.  I was ‘hooked’.  Since that visit I have been to Pewsey, to see a Yr11 art exhibition, to Wareham to attend the opening of a Church Trail and to Hinton Magna to visit a ‘Magna Carta’.